About us

“Join Hands to change the world of one child at a time.”

Supporting children in poorer socio-economic backgrounds by creating a sustainable income for their families in terms of a self employment and providing  educational materials to children in need.

Our Mission:

We support children in poorer families in rural areas in Sri Lanka by creating a lasting income for their families. It would help them stand on their feet and support themselves in the long term.

Our Team:

All the following members are working as trustees of the Charity.

President/Chair: Mr.Jayantha Herath (Founder & Trustee)
CEO: Dr. Manjula Mahanama (Trustee)
Treasurer: Mr. Godfrey De Silva (Trustee)
Secretary: Mrs. Devika Rathnayaka (Trustee)
Director-Projects: Mr. Chandana Gunasekera (Trustee)

Annual Event Management Team:

Mr. Vasantha Karunathilaka
Dr. Manjula Mahanama
Mrs. Chan Mallawaarchchi
Mrs. Olu suraweera
Mrs. Nita Gurusingha
Mrs. Indira Karunadhara
Mrs. Sudharshi Gamaarchchi
Mrs. Manori Wickramasinghe
Mrs. Cristalin Perera

What We Do:

  • Supporting children in need by creating self-employment opportunities for the parents.
  • Providing educational materials, stationery for Talented & Gifted Children.
  • Finding Foster Parents for children whose parents are deceased or left.
  • Creating Language and Other Teaching opportunities for Gap Year and A-Level Students.
  • And a lot more …

How You Can Support Us:

You can support our good causes by;

  1. Sharing our message with all your kind-hearted friends (All Communities)
  2. Asking your friends to share our message with all their friends
  3. Making a small donation just on your birthday(£10 / $20 or any amount you can afford)
  4. Setting up a small monthly donation Standing Order (Even £1 a month would make a huge difference to the life of a child in need)
  5. Joining us in Fundraising Events ( There will be two events in 2015)
  6. Asking your relatives and friends in Sri Lanka to suggest us about talented children in poorer backgrounds, whom they think would improve their educational level if support is given to parents to generate a reasonable income.

We are working with a 100% transparency. You can subscribe to our seasonal electronic newsletter which explains our activities, financial strength and how we spend the collected donations in clear details. Our accounts can also be investigated by any donor if requested.